A nice sign for his garage too...
Bob looking in a neighbor's yard...Oops...
I took these links off before because it seemed to offend some people...
Although I never used a last name...I mean, how many Bob's are there ?
Some, Just didn't see the Humor in it...
So, if you don't want to look, then don't click the links...It's that simple...
Same as a TV Station...My attempt to do as asked, made no difference what so ever,
so they will remain so I can have a laugh...
I might add, that it seemed ok for him to make fun of me,
but not the other way around...
Free and Independant man is the way it is supposed to be...
Reading a Vacuum Gauge---Engine Problems
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I'm 65 now. This spring, I will finally be able to get back on my truck, hopefully. My SS starting last Jan, which helped get going some, and soon allow me to get back into the finishing part. I have had it since 1985, gathering parts to get it going. I find as I get older, it gets harder to do the things I used to, and takes more time to accomplish things. They say retirement is for fun, or it's supposed to be. It's hard to save, and try to find parts for it though. Hopefully, I Will get it finished some time soon. That is the game plan for now.
Hello! Iíve decided to start my own description of the way I am building my 1934 Chevy pickup. Its a slow process as many people know. Takes time to decide what you want, takes money for parts. Unless you know the junk yard guy like some do. There are so many ways to do it. The first objective is to decide what you want. Stock, custom, hot rod, or rat rod. There are misconceptions on some of the ways they are being done. Of course, some people have enough money to just pick what they want, and have the whole thing done for them. There's nothing wrong with that. They usually end up with a 350 Chevy motor, a 350 turbo trans, bucket seats, tilt wheel, and so on. Not to mention the big price tag at the end. You get the ideal, different color cars, but, all are much the same.

I first bought mine in 1985. I was working at a local repair shop on commission. The guy at the dry cleaners in the next building, used to come over and talk to the mechanics. A super guy by the name of Jack Tuggle. He had several cars that he had redone from the frame up. Very good welder and fabricator. He was very familiar with the older cars. He was talking one day, saying that he was going to sell the remainder of what he had, that his wife wanted a kit car. I asked him what he had? He said that there was a 1940 Chevy 2 door, a 1934 Chevy pickup wrecker, and a 1948 Chevy coupe. Well, the only thing that sounded good to me was the 1934 Chevy pickup. I said, what do you want on them. He said 400.00 for the 1940, 600.00 for the 1948, and 500.00 for the 1934 truck. I asked what was there, and if they had motors, just parts, or what was the deal? He laughed and said, no, the 1940 you can drive it away. The 1948, you can do the same thing. The only one you canít, is the truck. See, I was going to do the truck myself. It does have a 350 Olds motor and trans in it though, out of a 1968. Most all the parts are there. No seat, and no rear box, because this was a 3/4 ton wrecker. The guy I got it from, wanted the motor, trans, and all the wrecker parts. So, I bought it for 500.00. He even towed it home for me.

A lot of things were in the works for me at that time. Not good at home, trying to keep my second marriage together, working part time plus my 8 hour job at the shop. Then, in 1986, my second wife said she was leaving, so, I put everything of mine in storage, we settled up, and I was once again starting over. So, the truck stayed in storage for quit a while.

I decided to start on it in 1997. I first sold the olds motor, then the trans. Now, the truck owed me nothing at all. So, I sat down, and thought of what I wanted. I decided to make an old school hot rod. Thatís where you pick what ever motor you want, the way it was done in the old days. If There's room, it will fit. I still had the Merc 410 engine that I had built when I was in college, thinks to uncle Sam's education policy for joining. The Merc engine was built from the ground up. Stock it had 330 horse power. As you know, them 352-428ís only got 9-12 miles per gallon. A good solid motor. Donít get me wrong, nothing wrong with a Chevy motor. Olds, or anything else. They can all be made to do what you want. This Merc engine, I was attached to since I built it from nothing. I remember waiting 3 weeks on just the pistons. Had to order them from California. Cam ground forged pistons. This was in 1972, when I started college for automotive. Not many places around here knew what I was talking about. Kind of like an oil pump. Some say hi volume, some say hi pressure. Did you know you can get a high volume high pressure pump?

I hope no one takes anything here as an insult. I mean no disrespect to anyone's thinking. The following pages are of what I decided to do, and the way I wanted to do it. I always consider suggestions on anything. Thatís how things come about. After all, more than one head on thinking is always better in the long run. If I can help, don't be afraid to e-mail me. Some people think they know it all, but, there is no such thing. Just like who has the fastest car? Well, if you ever get it in your head that no one can beat you, you will lose. I don't believe there is a dumb question, or anyone is stupid. If a person asks? That just means he doesnít understand. Example, does anyone know what hydrodynamic lubrication means? The definition of it in automotive terms? Well, not only automotive. Again, Please don't get me wrong, there is an awful lot that I myself DON'T know. The point is, to try what ever, and learn what ever you have in mind. Thatís probably the hardest thing for the younger guys in their last days of high school. Trying to decide what they are going to do. I say, try several things to see what you enjoy during, and after high school, and can make a good living from. Then, continue on to College with your education, and be the BEST you can at what ever you pick.

OK, well, enough of that stuff, rambling on again. Hahaha! My e-mail address is here below:
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When I have things for sale on Ebay, this is the link to my sellers page below:
Below is a link to Formulas gathered from the net and they should be Fairly accurate !
Just Scroll down to the Bottom of the Page
My web site is set up for 800 x 600
because most people have that
Here's a close rendering to what I want it to look like when finished.
It gets harder to do things as you get older, as many people know.
Plus, a little cash never hurts either.
I also started my own Car forum. If you would like to stop by and look around, feel free to do so. Here's the link for it below.
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